How it works.

The Funding Focus

The purpose of the GAH is to provide financial assistance for individuals that demonstrate great financial need for acquiring a product or service that has been recommended professionally and would improve a person's quality of life in a meaningful way. GAH funds are intended to solve isolated, solvable problems with a single award. Conditions requiring ongoing funding or that would not be solved with a single award are not eligible.

What we Support

The GAH provides financial assistance for any product or service that has been recommended by a wellness practitioner to address a particular health need related to a person's body, mind or spirit; is not supported by the person's health insurance and otherwise could not be afforded with personal assets. There are countless possible needs that the GAH would consider and accommodate with a wide range of traditional and non-traditional approaches. We do not provide a list of what we do or do not fund because the possibilities are endless. What's important is that there is a meaningful connection made between what is requested and the prospect for enhancing the person's quality of life.

The Funding Process

An individual must be referred to the GAH through a third-party qualified non-profit organization. This potentially could be any type of organization that works with individuals in need and agrees to make thoughtful referrals to the GAH.

Referral involves a two-part process. First, the person making the referral must complete the Steward Referral Form. After we review the request and if it is accepted, then the prospective Steward must complete the Steward Intention Form to demonstrate his/her interest in receiving financial assistance and acknowledge this as a gift to be carried forward to help others.

Once a referral is made and the individual is accepted as a Steward, the GAH consults with the referring organization to identify an appropriate product vendor or service provider. The referring organization is expected to assist actively in identifying the appropriate resources to provide aid to the recipient.

Once the source for the product or service and associated costs have been identified, funds are provided to the referring organization as reimbursement for payment to the vendor or provider.

our Advisors

The Fund Advisory Council reviews prospective fund recipients, third party referring organizations and product or service providers for participation in the funding program. Advisory Council members represent a variety of professions involving traditional and alternative approaches to wellness ranging in physical, mental and spiritual health.