The GUARDIAN ANGEL OF HEALTH provides financial aid to individuals with health situations not covered by insurance and beyond personal finances. In carrying out its mission, the GAH is guided by the models of the Saint, the Steward, and the Good Samaritan.

A Saint is considered such for the worthiness of his/her deeds, endeavors to the highest standard with humility and generosity, and bestows gifts upon those who might be good stewards. In this spirit, a wellness practitioner that makes referrals for assistance is referred to as a Saint. The GAH actively seeks qualified non-profit organizations and invites them to serve as Saints.

A Steward is one entrusted with a gift or responsibility and thereby expected to value it and use it for the greatest good so that others might profit from it in the future. In this spirit, an individual who accepts the gift of financial assistance from the GAH is referred to as a Steward. Recipients of GAH awards are expected to carry forward to others the benefits that are to be gained from any improvements in their health and overall wellness.

A Good Samaritan is one who provides aid to those in distress without hesitation and without expectation of reward. In this spirit, a practitioner or vendor that agrees to donate or discount products and/or services for the purposes of the GAH is referred to as a Good Samaritan. We actively seek practitioners or vendors to serve as Good Samaritans.